Temple Emanuel
Livingston, New Jersey
Sanctuary Beautification Project
Ark and Bima Furnishings
Project Journal
June 14, 2011


Larry Barndt of Barndt's Welding consults with David in preparation for the fabrication of the stainless steel menorah for Temple Emanuel
Mike Solari, steel fabricator, in the studio at Barndt's Welding
Mike Deegan, master cabinet maker reviews the plans for the Aron Hakodesh with Michelle in the studio of Deegan Woodworks, in Santa Rosa, California
Josh Alvarez works on the templates for the Aron Hakodesh door panels in the workshop at Deegan Woodworks
J.T. Lawrence, who will direct the installation of the Aron Hakodesh runs stock through the planer at Deegan's Woodworks Buster and Trish, master glass blowers, who will fabricate the Ner Tamid, meet with David in the Glassfire Gallery, in Fort Bragg, California
Manuel Rosa, manager of Bendheim West, in Oakland, California makes sure we have the glass we need from Lambert's Glassworks of Waldsasson, Germany Salvator Corona and Bendheim West warehouse manager, Gregor crate the sheet glass for transport to Plachte-Zuieback Art Glass



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