Temple Emanu-El
Livingston, New Jersey
Sanctuary Beautification Project
Ark and Bima Furnishings
Project Journal
August 7, 2011


Volunteers carry the lower ark body up onto the bima
Carrying the upper ark body onto the bima
Lifting the upper ark body onto the lower ark body
While setting the upper ark body, Jimmy stabilizes the unevenly balanced piece
David examines the assembly
Josh Lawrence screws the two pieces of the ark body together
Rabbi Kaiserman signs his name with the names of the other volunteers and the artists on the wall behind the ark
All the volunteers work to slide the ark into place
Josh Lawrence works on hanging the ark doors
David and Michelle pose with Josh Lawrence in front of the competed assembly of the ark

Michelle, Josh and Jimmy
Views of the completed ark and Ner Tamid
The Ark
An installed sidelight panel
The Ner Tamid
The Readers' Podium
The last sunset, taken from the airplane flying from Chicago to San Francisco, August 8, 2011



July 22, 2011

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