Koret Pavilion at the Ziff Center for Jewish Life
Stanford University Hillel
Palo Alto, California
Stained Glass Window Designs
July 9, 2007
Overall view of the design
The design : This is a view of the design as seen from the inside of the building. Hence the student lounge will be to your right and the boardroom is to the left, as you are seeing the windows from inside the rooms.

It is a Tree of Life to those that hold fast to it. It is bush that burns and is not consumed. It is a flame that flowers and showers the creation with light. It is the history of the Jewish people who, having been redeemed from chaos and oblivion by the divine miracle of the dividing of the seas, are brought to the abundance of the revelation of the Torah and the story of the creation.

Pomegranates symbolize torah; eighteen to symbolize life. Grapes, the symbol of blessing. Figs, symbol of peace and sustainance. Almond blossoms with dichroic beads at stamen ends become 613 dichroic stars in the night sky. Creation is the world's redemption from chaos.

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