Koret Pavilion at the Ziff Center for Jewish Life
Stanford University Hillel
Palo Alto, California
Stained Glass Window Designs
July 4 , 2007
Stanford Hillel
The south elevation of the Koret Pavilion, above, shows ten of the fourteen proposed stained glass windows.
Click on a window to see an enlarged image


On the west face of the Koret Pavilion, ten stained glass windows will spread out before visitors walking to the new facility. This architectural artwork will, obviously, add to the beauty of the new building and to the experience of walking to it. The strong design element of the dividing waters above the front door draws the eye inward and invites the visitor forward . Just looking up at the pastel, twenty-first century colors and widely sweeping lines will be uplifting and breathtaking. More than that, the windows make a statement of Jewish content and Jewish intent, they make a connection to Jewish values and to show how the universal is relevant. They teach about knowledge, Jewish identity and self esteem.

A good way to think about the composition is in groups, according to the rooms them shine into:


Although each window has an individual theme, the entire group relates, visually, through common colors, lines and other obvious design elements. Each composition is a midrash and the whole is a midrash about the process of understanding and reinterpreting ancient universal ideas for a modern age.

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