Leslie and Joan Dunn Residence
Project in Process
September 7, 2004

David and Michelle Plachte-Zuieback are engaged in the process of creating the stained glass for the Dunn Residence, located in the community of Anthem, outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.


Orginal design by Plachte-Zuieback Art Glass
Color variations

Symbolism of the Design

We have derived our inspiration for the overall design of the front entry art glass from the serenity, expressiveness and originality of the architecture by Bing Hu. Of course, our discussions with Joan and Leslie Dunn have provided our foremost direction.

The main ideas of the design consist of:

The thirty-six colored squares symbolizing the number "36," which, according to Jewish tradition is "double chai." "Chai" is "life" and "double chai" is like a blessing, like a double dose of everything which is good and rich in life. The gradations of color are intended to show off the beauty and the depth of the glass, by using the finest, mouth-blown glass and letting the material speak for itself, in the spirit of the overall concept of the house, which emphasizes the use of natural materials.

The large circles in the background allude to patterns on the surface of water and refer, visually, to the water features, prominent in the overall design of the house, including the front entry. On a deeper level, the circular lines symbolize the cycles within the enormity of the cosmos and the infinitesimal sphere of the atom. (Philosophy and science both have a natural relevance on warm evenings spent beneath the obvious infinity of the desert sky.) These lines tie together the entire composition, in a way that is serene and satisfying to the spirit.

The ten horizontal white bands add stability and formality to this design for the main entrance, while subtly invoking the magic number ten.

The white opal glass in the background is translucent. It diffuses the light to take the most advantage of artificial lighting, from outside and inside, at night, while allowing a maximum amount of light to pass through during the day. At the same time, the white opal glass blocks someone, on the outside, from actually looking in.

We have created a number of variations of color, for our design, each with a unique connection to the architecture and a bit of additional symbolism. View the variations by clicking on the images below.

air, earth ,fire and water Earthtones Gray opal with painted and etched texture Clear glass with texture  
Chocolate colors of desert grass  
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